Hunters Hill Bathroom

The interconnecting powder room, WC, and bathroom was rebuilt from the ground floor up to create a classic bathroom design to suit the needs of a large family home and compliment the Federation style of architecture.

One of the challenges of this space was the door configuration. Originally the WC door opened out into the powder room. Walls were removed to allow the door to open inward into the WC allowing space and access into the main bathroom.

The pendant was chosen for it’s simplicity and elegance, showcasing rectangular crystals to surround the space with soft light that creates an opulent backdrop to the oversized back lit round mirror above the vanity.

The soft grey glazed tiles were offset 1/3 spacing to offset the large bathroom area.

The shower space was redesigned to maximise the bathing experience by relocating and replacing the existing shower head to a double shower and mixer configuration. A custom frameless glass shower screen allows the light from the skylight to flood into the bathroom area.