Designer’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be overwhelming but they don’t need to be with this Designer’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations. Here, we cover everything from the right order to remodel a bathroom to the ins and outs of budgeting.


In What Order Should You Remodel a Bathroom

Of course, remodelling any part of your home can be overwhelming. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be. There’s a simple checklist that you can follow in order to create a beautiful bathroom for your home. First thing’s first – you need to source your inspiration. It can be tempting to run off to the nearest store, but first pause and look at what you already have. Ask yourself, ‘what work and what doesn’t?’ Perhaps the colours clash or the layout is confused. Whatever it is, write things down and make a wish list of what you value and how it will improve your life today. Websites like Pinterest can be a wonderful place to start – you could even check out my very own Bathroom Inspiration Board.  So, you’ve got your inspiration and an idea of how you would like to Remodel Your Bathroom. What’s next?

  • Finalise your style choices
  • Measure up your bathroom
  • Choose fittings, fixtures & finishes
  • Create a lighting plan

What Will it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom

Of course, the cost of a Bathroom Renovation depends on a number of elements, for example the size of the room and the finishes you’d like to include. What a lot of people forget to consider though is the cost of the trades. That said, an average bathroom renovation in Australia costs $35-45,000. Yes, really!! I know this price might be shocking, but think about it – if you want to knock down a wall, move around some plumbing, and you choose nice fittings to create a beautiful bathroom – the costs mount up. We all know the feeling – you go into a store with a set budget in mind, but by the time the salesperson is through, you’re suddenly convinced an extra $1000 here and $1000 there is worth it.

This is where hiring a Designer can be a wonderful option.  An interior designer will prioritise the fixtures and fittings and present a selection to suit your budget.

The Key Elements of a Bathroom Renovation

It can be tempting to think that interior design and renovations are all about aesthetic. Don’t forget though, that the bathroom is one of the most used, most important space in the home. So yes, aesthetics are important but so are the practical elements. A good bathroom renovation will take into consideration:

  • Spatial practicality and efficiency
  • Ergonomic elements for ease of access
  • Quality lighting design
  • Cross ventilation through louver windows and an efficient exhaust system

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer: Your Bathroom Renovation

If you are serious about boosting your home’s value, and you want a beautiful renovation that will last the test of time in one of the home’s most used rooms, it’s worth getting professional help. Interior Designers will not only be able to offer intelligent design solutions that you likely wouldn’t consider, they’ll also have standing relationships with quality tradesmen. Not to mention, an interior designer will ensure you stay on budget!

Did this Designer’s Guide to Bathroom Renovations inspire you, or leave you with questions? I’d love to help you turn your bathroom into the incredible space you know it can be. Contact me now to set up an initial consultation.